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The CIO Takes Over Multichannel Commerce

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W dniu: 2014-02-25 17:03:39

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Crew.</p> <p><strong><a href="">timberland boot sale</a></strong> Joe Topinka brought his size 15 feet to the Minnesota-based shoe company in May of 2008 as the company’s first ever chief information officer. (Foot size is listed on employees’ business cards.) Recognizing the opportunity to leverage technology more creatively to market and sell Red Wing Shoes’ products, Topinka pushed the organization to develop a more creative multichannel commerce strategy. He made the case so effectively that in recent months, he was given responsibility for multichannel commerce for the entire company, taking on a rare but quite logical CIO-plus role that other business-to-consumer companies will likely adopt in the future.</p> <p><strong><a href="">timberland fashion boots</a></strong> (This is the 16th interview in the CIO-plus series. To be apprised of future articles in the series, click the “Follow” link above. To read past interviews with CIO-pluses from companies like ADP, P&amp;G, Waste Management, McKesson, and Walgreens, please visit&nbsp; this link .)</p> <p><strong><a href="">timberland boots kids</a></strong> <b>Peter High: </b>Joe, can you describe Red Wing Shoes’ business?</p> Joe Topinka, CIO &amp; VP Multichannel Commerce at Red Wing Shoes</p> <p><strong><a href="">timberland boots kids</a></strong> <b>Joe Topinka: </b>Red Wing Shoes is an iconic, 108 year old footwear manufacturer and retailer. The company has maintained its roots in the city by the same name where it was founded in 1905. Red Wing Shoes operates in over 100 countries, with global manufacturing anchored in Red Wing, MN. For over a century, Red Wing’s purpose-built footwear has been at the spearhead of innovation and the standard of excellence for work footwear.</p> <p><b>PH: </b>You joined the company as CIO over five and a half years ago, and in the past year, you added the role of Vice President of Multichannel Marketing to your responsibilities. Please describe each of those roles, and the logic of having a single executive responsible for each.</p> <p><b>JT: </b>As the first CIO at Red Wing Shoes in its 100+ years of operation, I was hired by the company’s President to help drive strategic objectives. Red Wing was embarking on a global growth initiative and the executive team had the foresight to recognize that business technology would be strategically critical to achieving future growth plans.</p> <p>My first challenge was putting IT on the map within the company so that we could then help propel the company forward. There was a hunger both within the IT organization, and in the company’s business units, to raise our capabilities to a new level. To transform the IT group into true business partners within the company, I implemented an IT Business Partner program.</p> <p>The objective was to bridge the chasm between business units and IT to the point that their goals would be virtually intertwined. The new program earned our IT team the trust and confidence of the various business unit leaders, and was crucial to the IT department’s integration into the company’s strategic planning process. Up to that point in our history, this had been a missing link at Red Wing, as is still the case in many companies today.</p> <p>As part of our IT Business Partner program, we committed ourselves to spending time meeting with external customers. By doing so, we gleaned valuable insight into how customers use our products and services. By this I mean everything from how they experienced our technology when purchasing to how our footwear is used in the real world. This external customer focus helped to surface many previously undiscovered requirements, confirming why I believe so strongly in the value of IT-led field research.</p> <p>From these findings we developed investment roadmaps for our supply chain organization, our B2B, and our consumer-based businesses. Ultimately, this purposeful collaboration with internal partner business units, and the focus on external customers, helped us articulate a bold, new way forward for the company; culminating in board funding of a comprehensive, multichannel commerce initiative.</p> <p>We also focused on achieving a level of transparency that helped to demystify IT to the rest of the organization. We executed three tactics to accomplish this. First, we helped end-users understand their role in requesting projects. The key to this is helping requestors appreciate that their ideas have to compete with other great ideas from around the company. The more clearly they can demonstrate their ideas top- or bottom-line benefits, the more likely it would be to win the competition for finite resources, and be taken on as a project. Second, we exposed the decision criteria for projects. We share how each proposal stacks up relative to all the others, which projects are funded, which aren’t, and why. And finally, we make all the details of active projects available to employees via our Intranet. Everyone in the firm can easily see the IT department’s projects, schedules, status reports and more. All three of these approaches streamlined our investment process, and created transparency, resulting in engagement and ownership by end-users, all while reinforcing IT trust and credibility.</p> <p>I was asked to lead this effort primarily because the organization now looks at IT as just another business unit, rather than a mere order-taker. I’m convinced that this enhanced regard is the result of our IT Business Partner program. Their bi-lingual ability to speak both the language of business, and that of IT, is at the core of many great changes at Red Wing Shoes, and has been instrumental to our e-commerce initiative. I played a very active role in helping to develop our foray into the multichannel world by working closely with the business unit leaders responsible for our retail bricks and mortar enterprise and our largest wholesale businesses. Being so involved with all aspects of the investment program, I was asked to present the investment to our board; something I couldn’t have done without the collaboration with partner business units or the IT group’s interactions with external customers.</p> Move up t Move down The Emergence of the CIO-Plus Peter High Contributor CIO-plus Series: Interview with World Champion San Francisco Giants CIO and San Jose Giants Chairman, Bill Schlough Peter High Contributor Oracle &#8203;Voice: Tesco Revolutionizes Retail And Gears Up For 'Battleground Of The Future' John Foley @Oracle Page 1 2 «&nbsp;Previous&nbsp;Page Next&nbsp;Page&nbsp;» comments, called-out Comment Now Follow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Comment Now Follow Comments Following Comments Unfollow Comments Print Report Corrections Reprints &amp; Permissions Post Your Comment Cancel reply Post Your Reply Please log in or sign up to comment. 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