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Amigabit Data Recovery--file recovery software to

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<strong><a href="">free data recovery software</a></strong> <br> <strong><a href="">free data recovery software download</a></strong> <br> [b][url=]speed up computer[/url][/b] | [b][url=]windows data recovery[/url][/b] | [b][url=]file recovery software[/url][/b] Amigabit Data Recovery--file recovery software to retrieve all lost data <a href="" title="amigabit" rel="home"><img src="" alt="amigabit"></a> [url=]Download[/url] [url=]FAQs[/url] <a href="" rel="nofollow">Contact Us</a> <a class="addthis_button_facebook"></a> [url=][/url] Search [url=][/url] [url=][img][/img]home[/url] <a href="">STORE</a> [url=]Data Recovery[/url] [url=]Data Recovery for Win[/url] [url=]Amigabit Data Recovery Free[/url] [url=]Amigabit Data Recovery[/url] [url=]Amigabit Data Recovery Enterprise[/url] Data Recovery for Mac [url=]Amigabit Data Recovery for Mac[/url] Card Recovery for Win [url=]Amigabit Card Recovery[/url] [url=]Computer Maintenance[/url] [url=]All in One Products[/url] [url=]Amigabit PowerBooster Free[/url] [url=]Amigabit PowerBooster[/url] Performance Products [url=]Amigabit Registry Cleaner[/url] [url=]Amigabit Disk Defrag[/url] <a href="">Amigabit Privacy Cleaner</a> [url=]PC-WIKI[/url] [url=]News and Events[/url] [url=]Data Recovery[/url] [url=]Performance Tweaks[/url] <a href="">Privacy Protection</a> [url=][img][/img]amigabit data recovery[/url] Amigabit Data Recovery Flawlessly recover all your lost data stored on hard drive, lost partition, external USB drives, memory cards and other storage media. Help recover files that were inadvertently deleted, damaged or formatted data. Easily and rapidly retrieve all your lost files including pictures, videos, music, documents, executable files, zip files, etc. Support recovery from all popular file system including FAT12/16/32, NTFS/NTFS5, ExFAT Find out targeted images by previewing the scan results before starting final recovery. The resume recovery feature can save the present scanning results for later recovery. Std $49.95 $27.47 Pro $69.95 $45.47 <a href="" class="download" rel="nofollow">Free Download</a>[url=]Buy Now[/url] [url=]Free Download[/url] [url=]Buy NOw[/url] [url=]Overview[/url] [url=]Features[/url] <a href="" title="Screenshots" rel="3">Specifications</a> <a href="" title="user guide" rel="4">User Guide</a> [url=]Compare[/url] Deleted, Formatted, Virus Attacked, Partition Lost, Computer Crashed? It Has Never Been So Easy To Restore All Lost Data With Amigabit Data Recovery Powerful yet easy-to-use and intuitive data recovery software to safely and effectively recover lost photos, videos, music, emails, documents, programs, compressed files, webpage and more from computer hard drive, disk image, RAID, digital camera, mobile phone, memory card, mp3/mp4 player, due to accidently deletion, software crash, damaged or formatted hard drive, virus attack, partition loss, unexpected shutdown, improper operation and more in minutes. <a href="" ><img src="" /></a> [url=][img][/img]find back lost files[/url] 5 Professional Recovery Modes Help Retrieve All Lost Files Complete Recovery: safely recover all files in any data loss situation, including deleted files, formatted files and raw data. Shortcut Mode Recovery:directly recover the specific file type like photos, videos, songs or documents, no matter in what data loss situation Fast Recovery: fast undelete files that were accidently deleted and emptied from trash bins. Format Recovery: effectively restore all kinds of files lost due to accidental formatting. Raw Data Recovery: deep scan and flawlessly reclaim all lost data even from severely corrupted storage media or file systems. [url=][img][/img]find back lost files[/url] Professional, Trustable and Easy-to-use Files Supported: Photos, videos, music, docs, emails, program files, compressed files, webpage etc. Any Data Loss Situation: Retrieve deleted, formatted, inaccessible, partition lost, system crashed, file system corrupted etc. Recover Data From: hard drive, USB flash disk, disk image, RAID, digital camera, mobile phone, memory card, mp3/mp4 player and more, Totally Safe: this Windows data recovery program does zero harm to your storage media. [url=][img][/img]Retrieve Lost Files[/url] User-friendly interface The interface of Amigabit is very easy-to-use. Any new user can follow the intuitive guide on the interface to retrieve deleted files or restore lost data within only 3 steps: Select Recovery Mode, Scan Computer/ Device and Recover. Do as the intuitive guide on the interface; no data recovery experience is required. [url=][img][/img]recovery lost data[/url] Considerate Data Recovering Settings Filter and search files from the scanning results according to file type/size/name, create date/modify date/scan date in order to find out the desired file directly Before recovering files, you can highlight a file and preview it to make sure whether it is the right one you need before data retrieval Save scanning results for future file recovery to free us from rescanning the disk drive from which we are recovering files. The Resume Recovery feature helps import the previous scanning results from the hard disk and continue file recovery. Undelete files on your computer/device Deleted a file by mistake? Amigabit Data Recovery brings lost files on your computer, USB drive, digital camera, memory card, mobile phone, mp3/mp4 player and disk image. Recover data from damaged or formatted disks You've formatted a disk drive and all data stored on it seemed to be lost totally. Fortunately Amigabit Data Recovery can still restore files from it. Support Data Recovery from RAID Your computer is attacked by virus and all the data stored on your RAID got invisible. Run Amigabit Data Recovery and then reclaim data from your RAID in the soonest manner with Complete Recovery Mode. Retrieve deleted/formatted/inaccessible photos Your newly-taken photos get lost from memory card when you try to transfer it to your computer. Try to get them back with a professional data recovery utility in an easy manner. Recover deleted/formatted/inaccessible music Accidentally deleted music from your or MP3 player? Do not be panic; a reliable data recovery tool will help retrieve them along with other precious data stored on the player. Reclaim deleted/formatted/inaccessible movies Movies stored on your computer just disappeared without any trace; do not worry, you can turn to professional data recovery utility to help retrieve all lost movies. Retrieve deleted/formatted/inaccessible emails Emptied your email trash but want to get it back? Amigabit Data Recovery has empowered you to retrieve your Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail emails. Restore deleted/formatted/inaccessible Word documents Important documents saved on your computer get lost when your computer crashed? Recovering these data is a piece of cake for Amigabit Data Recovery! Shortcut Mode If you do not want to spend much time in selecting the best recovery mode for recovering your photos/videos/docs/emails/music, Shortcut Mode in Amigabit Data Recovery is your best choice. Complete Scan If you lost data due to some unknown causes, just select the Complete Recovery to deep scan your disk and recover all lost files, even the raw data. Version Details [b]Version[/b]: 2.0.6 [b]Size[/b]: 2.72MB [b]Release date[/b]: Mar 12, 2014 System Requirements [b]Supported OS[/b]: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP [b]Minimum Requirements[/b]: Internet connection (for license activation), 256 MB of RAM, 120 MB of free hard drive space [b]Language[/b]: English, German, Chinese Screenshots (Click the below pictures to enlarge) [url=][img][/img]Data Recovery main interface[/url] [url=][img][/img]Recover files[/url] [url=][img][/img]best file recovery software[/url] Necessary for these situations Accidental deleting • 'Shift + Del' without backup • Deleting files by right- clicking menu or just pressing &lsquo;Delete&rsquo; button • Emptying Recycle Bin without backup Formatting • 'Media/Drive is not formatted, would you like to format now?' • Disk initialization when digital camera memory card is just connected • Unexpectedly formatted hard drive Improper operation • Factory setting of device without backup • Turning off the storage media during the writing process • Using card between different cameras • Pulling out SD card while the camera is on • Improper partition or partition error Supported devices PC/Laptop Hard Drive External Disk USB Drive RAID Digital Camera Music Player Memory Card/Stick CF/SD Card Camcorder Floppy Drive Zip Drive Micro Card Pen Drive SSD Video Player Cell Phones Other Storage Media [url=]Go to Read Quick Start Guides &gt;&gt;[/url] Watch free online tutorial video to learn the usage of Amigabit Data Recovery and its functions easily How to recover lost files with Amigabit Data Recovery Lost Data? Take it Back Now. [url=]Free Download[/url] [url=]Buy Now[/url] Tips: Please stop using your storage drive if it is formatted or damaged and some data has disappeared. Continuous data inputting would overwrite files stored in the drive. Please quickly install Amigabit Data Recovery to retrieve your lost files and save it on another new drive instead of the drive from which you are recovering the files. Users Say [url=][img][/img]amigabit user say[/url] My computer crashed this morning and my daughter’s photos from our summer holiday disappeared. I was very worried, and search for a data recovery utility online to retrieve my precious photos. I downloaded Amigabit Data Recovery. Wow, it helped me recover all the photos. It is very easy-to-use and works fantastically. --- Brian Brown, United States. [url=][img][/img]amigabit data recovery review[/url] Thank you for this wonderful application. I accidently deleted my work file on my PC hard drive and was very nervous, then your software just recover them after a few clicks. I like the user-friendly interface.---- Lucy Morries, Canada. Quick Links [url=]FAQs[/url] [url=]Technical Support[/url] <a href="">See All Products</a> Related Tips & Tutorials [url=]How to Recover deleted photos[/url] [url=]How to Recover Lost Data[/url] Amigabit Awards [url=][img][/img]amigabit awards[/url] [url=]More Awards>>[/url] <a href="" rel="nofollow">About Amigabit</a> | [url=]Affiliate Program[/url] | [url=]Support[/url] | [url=]Privacy[/url] | [url=]Terms[/url] | [url=]License[/url] | <a href="">Links</a> | [url=]Blog[/url] | [url=]Sitemap[/url] Copyright © 2014 [url=]Amigabit[/url]. All Rights Reserved [b][url=]free data recovery software[/url][/b] [b][url=]free data recovery software download[/url][/b] [url=] computer blog [/url] <a href=""> computer </a> [url=] About blog [/url]

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